Reverse Engineering in China

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    The conception of Reverse Engineering was put forward in 1960s when does not appear in China, but in other countries such as Japan, it has been highly valued.
We should know firstly what is reverse engineering before we discuss its development. Reverse engineering is a technology to mock up a product that is existed already. To do so, we must use scanner first, which can capture the data of shape of a product, and then modeling it in computer via the data that give us the accuracy of the product (Click here to know how the 3D Scanning works). The file we finished would be STP style that can be used to make prototype and mold. From above, we can see how convenient the 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering are to produce products. Product maker generally believe that it is a shortcut to industrial development to introduce other advanced products and technologies, designing and improving them.
   The smart country just did it. In order to develop industrial technologies and revitalize economical development, Japan put forward a policy “introducing products from abroad and make it ourselves.” Because of such a right policy, it leads Japanese electronic products and manufacturing industry developing. From 1960s to 90s, Japan has been globe leading industrial maker, resulting in a number of international enterprises, such as Matsushita, Fujitsu Hitachi, SONY, Toshiba, Nikon, Nintendo, pioneer, and NEC, which become a symbol of Japan's national strength, occupying a great market share in electronics market in the world.
   It has been more than 30 years that researching Reverse Engineering as a subject. At the beginning of 1980s, it was put forward by American 3M Company and Nagoya industrial Research Company of Japan and UVP Company of the United States. Introducing from the already successful products and make the same products. China understands definitely the importance of reverse engineering technology, so she introduces the technology from Japan. Furthermore, China also paid a great sum of money to buy advanced machines as a studying subject using reverse engineering technology. At that time, Reverse engineering Company in Shenzhen and Dongguan and other cities were very prosperous. China manufacturing industry has leaped since then, becoming manufacturing power in the world, reached remarkable achievement.
   So far Reverse Engineering development has become one of the indispensable means and strategies in economic and industrial development. According to statistics, more than 70% technologies in developing countries such as China are copied from advanced countries such as America and Japan. Reverse engineering as a means of developing industrial products, the process of the product development would be shortened by more than 40%, which greatly improves the productivity. Reverse Engineering has brought vitality to many enterprises and laid a good foundation for innovation design and new product development.
    In China, the areas where industrial development is mature, such as Shenzhen, Dongguang even if the design is more and more important today, reverse engineering technology is also playing an important role in developing industry.