Design Office

Our design office

This is a design office of a products design company
The heart of any design for manufacturing system is a group of design principles or guidelines that are structured to help the designer reduce the cost and difficulty of manufacturing an item.

After over 10 years experences,WEMADE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED figures out his owned principles in INDUSTRIAL DESIGN and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.Here,is the our definition of What is good design

A good design is honest
An honest design communicates solely the functions and values it offers. It does not attempt to manipulate buyers and users with promises it cannot keep.

A good design is long-lasting
In a society of over-consumption, a good design has an important objective. It builds on sustainability in the sense that design and materials are durable and not just a trend. Waste and over-consumption is not a part of good design.

A good design is user-oriented
Good design is based on its use and designed to improve a given situation for its user. User-oriented design adds value both intellectual and material value to its product and in turn increases satisfaction and the life situation of its user.

A good design is unobtrusive
Products and their design should be both neutral and restrained, to leave room for the user’s self-expression. Products fulfilling a purpose are like tools and are neither decorative objects nor works of art.

A good design is always the simplest possible working solution.

A good design engages through intrinsic motivation.

A good design makes the user want to engage through intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation.

A good design is focused

A good design is effective and efficient in fulfilling its purpose. It relies on as few external factors and inputs as possible, and these are easy to measure and manipulate to achieve an expected other output.

A good design is always the simplest possible working solution.